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The Beauty Benefit Of Regular Facials

If you’re wondering about the skincare benefits of regular facials, read this guide from Beautiful You MD in Kailua Kona.

What Are Facial Treatments?

Getting a facial can be a great way to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. It usually involves an exfoliation and cleansing of the skin to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and other impurities. Not only can a facial help your skin glow, but it may also help to promote a sense of peace and relaxation. Having a facial on a monthly basis can be beneficial to your skin, as it helps support your daily skincare routine and can help ensure your skin remains healthy and radiant.

What Cutting-Edge Facial Treatments Are Available At Beautiful You MD?

Rejuvenate Your Face With A Laser Facial

Your face is your most recognizable feature, so it’s understandable that you’d want to maintain its look and keep it from aging. Factors like the environment, age, stress, and lifestyle all can lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that make your face seem more mature and older than it really is. At our office, we offer laser facials that give you a youthful look and make it seem like time has gone in reverse without the need for surgery. Our laser facial treatments are tailored to each patient’s specific needs. We utilize the most advanced, evidence-based methods to firm and revitalize the skin in a safe and natural way.

Laser facials are a type of skincare procedure done by dermatologists to improve the look and feel of the skin. It is accomplished by utilizing unique lasers, which aid in treating various skin issues like scars, fine wrinkles, sun spots, acne scarring, loose skin, and fine lines. Dermatology makes use of lasers as a skin resurfacing method that combines both light and controlled heat to promote improved skin tone, coloration, and texture. Dermatologists use this beam of light energy to cause minor controlled damage on the skin’s surface, which stimulates the production of new collagen in the healing process, making the skin have a more attractive look.

Zap Away Your Acne With AviClear

AviClear is an FDA-approved laser treatment for mild to severe acne, and Beautiful You MD is proud to be the exclusive provider of this technology in the area. Instead of using topical or oral medications, this laser technology targets the source of the oily substance on the skin. It is unique due to the wavelength it uses, which specifically targets the sebaceous glands in the skin. The 1726nm wavelength laser system is very effective because it focuses light energy on the source of acne, helping to treat existing breakouts, prevent future ones, and even out skin tone.

Following treatment, patients should expect to observe a decrease in acne breakouts and an improvement in the overall look of their skin. To gain the best results, we recommend a sequence of three treatments spaced out approximately one month apart as the most desirable results usually show after the whole series is finished.

For The Highest Standard Of Care In Beauty, Choose Beautiful You MD

If you’re considering aesthetic services in Kailua Kona and the surrounding neighborhoods, look no further than Beautiful You MD. Dr. Ilena Sanchez-Anderson, MD, has a passion for aesthetics and has received extensive training from world-renowned experts in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Sanchz-Anderson attends multiple conferences around the world to bring the best and most innovative technology to Hawai’i, and has practiced medicine in Hawai’i for over 20 years. For the latest acne treatments, laser facials, microneedling, or expert guidance on Botox and dermal fillers, call Beautiful You MD today at 808-322-2544.


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